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Music Trebles Studio focuses on making lessons fun and enjoyable while pushing students to new heights. Watch the video below to learn about your FREE lesson!

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A Unique Way to Learn...

Here at Music Trebles Studio, we focus on solving the age-old problem for the piano student parent: "How do I get my child to practice at home?"


Our Accelerated Piano Program has been developed with this concern in mind. According to Google, we are the #1 rated piano studio in the greater Chattanooga area; this in itself speaks to the results we have achieved through our unique program. 


In traditional piano lessons, a significant set back can be the lack of confidence students have in their abilities. Our Accelerated Piano Program develops a sense of confidence and independence that leaves our students feeling accomplished and excited about music. Here are some of the benefits of our Accelerated Piano Program:


  • Student’s musical reading ability will drastically improve

  • Students will complete their method books faster

  • Practice at home will become easier

  • Students will have fewer questions at home


Making Learning Enjoyable & Fun


Our Accelerated Piano Program is designed with ease and fast-paced results in mind both for the student and the parent. Whether your child has played some before or not at all, we invite you to check out the full range of available APP classes.

Girl Playing Beginner Piano

Kaleb is a fantastic instructor! He challenges, encourages and prays for my 7-year old pianist every week. Not only has our daughter loved learning to play the piano but she looks forward to her lessons. Kaleb has a gift for working with kids and also making learning music fun!! A special combination. He is professional and personable and he communicates well. This has been critical since I am not able to attend most of the lessons, but I do supervise practice at home. We cannot recommend Kaleb highly enough.

- Lindsey H.

What Clients are Saying:

Many kids hit a wall in their music development when they enter their teens and want to give up lessons after playing for a couple of years. Our teenage son was no different, but we knew from experience that he would regret it one day. We asked Kaleb if he would be our son's new teacher. Kaleb has kept our teenager interested in developing his skills on the piano, to the point where he actually enjoys practicing! ... Which is nothing short of a miracle. We are so grateful to Kaleb for meeting our son where he was at, and for his dedicated and professional musicianship.

- Thandi K.

- Emily H.

My 8 year old son looks forward to his piano lesson with Kaleb each week. I have seen a big improvement in his sight reading, dynamics, and overall playing ability in the past five months. Most importantly, he is motivated and enjoys playing. I highly recommend this teacher.


Each year Music Trebles Studio holds three outreach recitals for the community. Through encouraging the student's growth in music performance we are also able to take our hard work out to bless others. These annual recitals take place in Senior Living Communities to benefit the lives of our older members of society.

Spring Recital Series


This is our big end of year recital series, celebrating all the hard work the students have put in over the course of the school year!

Fall Recital Series


This recital series comes right after our summer break and is a prestigious invite-only event.

Christmas Recital Series

Usually held during the first weeks of December

***Be sure to check our Facebook page for more details on upcoming events!


We currently do not offer any piano camps... but they are in the works! Fill out a contact form to be notified when camps will begin.

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