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Learning the Piano

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Music Trebles Studio Learning Keyboard, Headphones, and iPad.

About Music Trebles Studio

Our First lesson for our Artists-In-Training is simple: playing the piano can be a whole lot of fun!

When it comes to learning to play an instrument, human emotions play a huge part.

Some students worry about living up to expectations. others have a fear of performing. Still, others think of music strictly as being work, so it becomes a source of stress or tedium. 

That's why we begin by emphasizing how much fun they can have as they develop their skills. After all, it isn't "working the piano," it's "playing the piano." 

Our Classes

There are so many ways to learn!

Here at Music Trebles Studio, we realize that there are many ways to learn, so we have tried to create several ways to experience the fun of learning music on the piano. From learning on-site in one of our Accelerated Piano Program courses to working through any number of our online courses that move at your own pace, to working through a free musical challenge on our challenges page; there's a path for your musical journey! 

Program (APP)

Accelerated Piano Program learning kiosk

Accelerated Piano Program (APP) is our in-person-on-site learning experience. In this course Artists-In-Training will have guided learning sessions where they can master skills in sight reading, playing by ear, and composing. 


Unique learning tools

This section of our program is for Artists-In-Training who aren't yet ready to financially commit to their learning path. Here future artists can find step by step challenges to help them begin to develop skills in sight reading, building chords, and composing.


Learn from home in an online course

This form of learning is for anyone looking for learning options where they can learn and grow their musicality from the comforts of their own home. In each of these online courses future artists can be sure to find the tools they need in many areas of music.

Join an APP class, an On-line Challenge,

or On-line Course and See How Fun

Music on the Piano Really Is!

piano keys


The APP class and our private online forum groups are the perfect places to come and build a community of like-minded musicians and students. Whether you are just starting or a seasoned musician there is a space for you here and we would love to have your input in our musical family! 


We get it... Learning can be tough sometimes. Don't do it alone. When things get tough it helps to have someone to lean on and someone who has been through the journey already. Come and join an APP class and you'll see the impact of positive social peer pressure.  Or join one of our online community spaces to get the motivation and encouragement you need! 

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It takes time, effort, sweat, and tears. But the results are there, they will come and we will make it as fun as possible. That is our promise to you. Whether you are looking to become a proficient sight reader or looking for ways to improve your play-by-ear, we have tools to help you get the results you want! But don't take our word for it. Check our out Google Reviews and let those do the talking. 

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