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"Making Music Fun Again"

Our first lesson for students is simple: playing the piano can be a whole lot of fun!

When it comes to learning the piano, human emotions play a huge part. 


Some students worry about living up to expectations. Others have a fear of performing. Still, others think of music strictly as being work, so it becomes a source of stress or tedium.


That’s why we begin by emphasizing how much fun they can have as they develop their skills. After all, it isn’t “working the piano,” it’s “playing the piano.”

It’s why “Making Music Fun Again” 

is our company's motto. 

By taking the pressure off, students become much more receptive to learning. We remind them how practicing lessons is like planting seeds–the big payoff will come later as the flowers bloom.


At the same time, we also instill a sense of discipline and commitment because that’s a necessary part of the process. There’s no royal road to success. But traveling that road can be made much smoother and a lot more enjoyable. 


Hence, our company philosophy: create a safe, nurturing environment, focus on the student as a unique individual and lead by joyful example. Proficiency just naturally follows. 


"How can I get my child to practice at home?"

That’s what we hear most often from parents. And that’s why we created Music Trebles’ innovative Accelerated Piano Program. 


This program will significantly increase your child’s ability to read music and make practicing at home far easier. It will also increase the speed that your child finishes his or her method books, and (perhaps best of all) minimizes the number of questions they’ll ask you to answer. 


The bottom line: students develop greater confidence and a sense of independence, which leads, in turn, to pure pleasure in playing.


You’ll see why, according to Google, Music Trebles is the #1 rated piano studio in the greater Chattanooga area. It’s all because we make music fun again!


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We would love to hear from you, either by email or by phone at 423-822-2378. Learning the piano is the kind of experience that can yield great dividends for your child both today and throughout their lifetime!

Meet Our Teachers


Lead Teacher & Founder of

Music Trebles Studio

Kaleb Stock

Kaleb Stock is a songwriter, educator, entrepreneur, and founder of Music Trebles Studio. Kaleb graduated from Southern Adventist with a degree in piano performance in 2014 and began his teaching career in the fall, on the roads of Nashville, TN working for Mobile Music Academy. As a traveling teacher, going from home to home, Kaleb developed a deep passion to help students fall in love with music. 


By 2017, Kaleb had moved back to the Chattanooga area when he launched Music Trebles. His main focus at Music Trebles is solving the age-old challenge confronting parents: "How do I get my child to enjoy practice at home?"


Music Trebles’ Accelerated Piano Program was developed with this concern in mind. The program’s effectiveness is shown by the fact that, according to Google, Music Trebles is the #1 rated piano studio in the greater Chattanooga area.


Along with teaching Kaleb strives to keep up a performing schedule, be it original songs he’s written, cover songs, or instrumental piano music. Please check out his YouTube channel for more on this.

Barnett, Allie Profile.jpeg

Assistant Teacher

Allie Barnett

An aspiring composer and currently a music student at Southern Adventist University with emphasis on piano, Allie came to Music Trebles on the strong recommendation of one of Kaleb’s own piano professors. 


Allie’s experience working with children dates back to 2009 when she volunteered at the Therapeutic Riding Academy in Knoxville where she helped students with both physical and mental disabilities groom and tack their horses. This helped Allie broaden her awareness of people of all kinds and taught her a higher degree of patience and understanding – qualities that help make her a wonderfully responsive teacher of kids. 


Allie has the kind of personal attributes that make her such a good fit for her position as a Teaching Assistant. She obviously cares deeply about kids and is totally committed to helping them bring out their best in a positive, upbeat way. No detail is too small to overlook as she realizes how important that is to the overall success of her students.


While her long-term goal is to teach music on the collegiate level, as well as become a composer of music ranging from classical to jazz to contemporary, Allie is totally focused on Music Trebles and its mission to spread the love of music to as many children as possible. It’s with great pleasure that we’ve added Allie to the Music Trebles family!


Assistant Teacher & Special Project Manager

Joi McClellan

As a near graduate of Southern Adventist University with a degree in Music, Joi was invited by Kaleb to join the Music Trebles family for a wide variety of reasons. Many of these are her intangible qualities, such the infectious enthusiasm she brings to teaching.


Proficient in both the piano and violin, Joi has an extraordinary gift for working with kids. Perhaps her greatest contribution is Joi’s ability to keep them engaged and excited to learn more and go further. So often, young people get discouraged or lose interest, but Joi knows how to keep the flame alive. Without that, students tend to drift off, but with it, they can fully develop their talents as well as their love for music and performance. 


Also key to being a great teacher is the ability to listen, which Joi uses to build her rapport with students. They can tell that she truly cares, and her responses often open students’ eyes to a new aspect of music and the piano. And while some teachers simply direct students to practice, Joi shows them how to practice which is critical in their development.


Music Trebles takes great pride in having a teacher of Joi’s caliber here at the studio!

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