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Music Trebles Various Recording Studios

The culture of Music Trebles Studio is born from inspiring the imagination. Artists-In-Training will have guidance in classes on how to begin creating and utilizing their imaginations to build their own works of art. 

In light of this design we have created two studios here for artists and community members to come and record their works. One studio is a more traditional recording studio for music production and a second studio for hosting and recording thought provoking conversations in the form of a podcast. Both studios are equipped for basic video production as well. 

Music Recording Studio

Music Studio

Podcast Studio

Podcast Studio

About Reserving Studio Time

Booking time in the music studio will also book Kaleb as your audio engineer for the session. If you would like to have Kaleb operate as your producer or mix engineer, for your project, please specify ahead of time. 

Reserving the Podcast Studio will gain you access to the podcast studio and equipment for up to two hours at a time. The podcast studio is able to accomadate up to three guests at this time. 

Hourly rental rates for each studio are as follows:
Music Studio: $40/hr
Podcast Studio: $30/hr

*payment will be due at the start of your appointment via paypal, check, cash, or venmo

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