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Here on this page, you can find answers to many commonly asked questions. If you don't see what you're looking for ask your question by clicking the button below.

What type of classes does MTS offer?

Music Trebles Studio offers three different class options:

  • Accelerated Piano Program (APP)

  • Online Challenges or Courses

  • Elite Coaching

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What class times are available?

Classes happen weekly as follows:

  • App: Tuesdays 2:30p-7p

  • Elite Coaching: Scheduled

  • Online Courses: At your own pace


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What kind of payment methods are available?

For the convenience of our Artists-in-Training and their families, we accept all major credits card and ACH payments. Payments are processed online through the student portal via an Auto-Pay feature, allowing you peace of mind and never having to worry about missing a payment due date.

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What Curriculum does MTS use?

MTS has developed a unique experience for all of its Artist-in-Training. At the core of the curriculum is the Alfred Piano Premier course, accompanied by supplemental music, sight-reading exercises, games, theory, and iPad apps. 

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What is MTS teaching goal for my student?

MTS strives to give our Artists-in-Training the most exciting and fun experience that they can have while learning valuable skills in relation to music. Our goal for each student is to become a literate musician. Music is a language and we treat it as such with dedicated lesson plans and specific goals for learning timelines. After completing the curriculum for the Accelerated Piano Program students will be able to:

  • Sight read music fluently

  • Have confident tools to learn music on their own

  • Be able to compose their own song

  • Understand basic music theory

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