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Online Piano Classes

Providing Everything You Need to succeed at home, and in your own time frame!

Chord Builder Class

Building Blocks for Chords

In this course you will learn how to build any and every chord. break away from traditional playing with sheet music and understand the basics of building and playing with chords!

Coming Soon!

Sight Reading Mastery

Music is a language, and reading music is no different than sitting down with your favorite book for a good read. Learn all the basic and a few more advanced tips to help you get on your way to mastering the skill of sight reading. 

Coming Soon!
Sight Reading Course
Playing by Ear

Playing Music by Ear

In this course we will go over the basics of developing a keen sense of hearing. With music being a language this is the equivalent of being able to listen and respond in conversation. This portion of music education is often over looked or left for people with "natural" talent. Learn in this course how to use skills you may already have to play music. 

Coming Soon!
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