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Meet the Instructor:

About Music Trebles Studio

Here in the teaching studio, we strive to inspire imagination through music. An important role in beginning to spark that imagination for our Artists-in-Training is to make this a fun environment. So this is why our very first lesson is always to teach our future Artists just how fun music should be!


You may have noticed that we don’t have students, per se, here at our studio. While we have people coming and learning here, they are not merely students. These are individuals with dreams and aspirations for their lives. So we take special care to help develop essential skills that these Artists-In-Training will need throughout their most important work of art, their life.

If this sounds like a space you would like to explore for your musical journey, please schedule a visit with us for a free trial class or check out some of our online content, challenges, or coursework. Stay inspired, stay curious, and have fun!


Give ordinary people the right tools and they will design and build the most extraordinary things. - Neil Gershenfeld

Have Fun. Be Inspired. Grow Imagination.

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